The best of Stoney Lake this past summer is on my mind as I sit at my computer and look out on a cold and wet Toronto day.  Why in Toronto and not at Stoney Lake?  Well last weekend we closed the cottage for the winter, as temperatures are dipping below freezing and the water pipes are in  jeopardy.

Cathy and I have been writing our blog for about 16 months now.  It started in the summer of 2018 as a chronicle of our massive Arctic Road Trip through northern BC, the Yukon, Alaska and the NWT.  Over time, we have added more trips, and  this past summer, we started to post about our time in and around our cottage on Stoney Lake.

So here are our summer stories.


Stoney Lake – Ontario Cottage Country










20190706_145017_resized (1)Old Cottages and Boathouses





20190714_115446Upper Stoney Paddle








20190801_131546Day Cruise to Lakefield





20190811_194007Saturday Sailing Races








20190811_193121Juniper Island Art Festival








20190816_213155Dog Days of Summer








20190824_145130White-water kayaking at Palmer Rapids





20190909_194435Hiking the Stoney Lake Trails

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