Stoney Lake: Ontario Cottage Country

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Stoney Lake

20190525_165957We are at our cottage sitting in our great room looking at a light rain over the lake.  It is show time.  Canada Geese families come by to show off their brand new goslings.  A duck is perched on our dock, and an otter pokes it’s head out.  We think the otter is living under our dock.  And to cap it off, an osprey flies over with a fish in its talons.



Cathy and I have spent the last few spring weekends here at Stoney Lake  opening up our cottage after the winter.   Every year we drain the water system, store the boats, shut off the power, and let everything freeze up for the winter.  The good news is that everything started up in good shape, not like two years ago when a huge pine tree branch broke off in an ice storm, and speared through our cottage roof.  Now we are ready for summer.



20190511_152221This cottage has been in our family since the 1950’s.  Cathy and I, and our kids, have moved around a lot and this cottage has been a constant in our lives.  On the edge of the Canadian Shield and north east of Peterborough, the lake was carved out by the retreating glaciers.  The landscape is all pink granite and white pines.  Stoney Lake is part of the Trent Severn Waterway with its historic locks, some dating to 1833,  that allow boats to go from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay on Lake Huron.  It was initially surveyed to be a detour for Canadian boat traffic to avoid passing through American controlled waters around Buffalo and Detroit during times of war.  Today the Trent-Severn is a great place to do a four or five day boat trip while staying in bed and breakfasts.  One of our favorites B&B’s is   The Victoria Inn. on Rice Lake.




Here are a few events and activities to consider when you visit Stoney Lake. Take in the June 30, 2019  Stoney Lake Art and Craft Show .  Rent a boat and get out on the lake at our favorite marina   Kawartha Park Marina.  And get some great lake food and views at The Boathouse Restaurant at Viamede Resort   and  The Stoney Lake Market and Grill.

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3 Replies to “Stoney Lake: Ontario Cottage Country”

  1. Such a lovely spot with family memories, envy your freedom!
    What months would you consider packing up our California crew and heading to this beautiful region as part of a grand Canadian road/train trip we have entertained for years!……hopefully 2020.

    1. The grand 2020 Canadian road/train trip. Excellent. Please include visiting us as part of the tour. Toronto is a great place and so is Stoney Lake. Last half of July, all August and first part of September are the warmest and driest time. If you want to see the fall colors, then early October is the best. Kids go back to school in Canada at the end of August, so less crowded after that.

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