Stony Lake: Juniper Island Art Festival

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Juniper Island is the centre of cottage social life in Lower Stony Lake.  Several acres of land were purchased over 125 years ago to be the lake’s steamship dock, supply store, and in later times the yacht and tennis club, and pavilion.

Cathy and I drove over to Carveth Marina and took the water taxi to Juniper Island.  Our first mission was to check out the Art Festival – a great showing of artists’ from the Ston(e)y and Clear Lake area. Congratulations to the organizers.  Our second objective was to scope out sailing lessons at the Stony Lake Yacht Club for our grandson.  Looks like some real fun for him when he turns eight and can join the lessons.   In the end, our only purchase ended up being excellent Americano coffee and a Chai tea at the Supply Store.


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