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Cathy and Joe are active seniors and affordable luxury travelers with a taste for adventure.  We have been to 56 countries and counting.  And as of the summer of 2018, we have visited every province and territory in Canada and all the states in the USA.  We ask our friends and family many travel questions.  And in return, we get many questions.  Who was our Berber guide company for our private tour of Morocco?  How did we find divers’ hotels in the Galapagos Islands? What was our favorite experience in Vietnam?  Was it rough sailing around the Cape Horn?  We find that writing this Blog is a good way to share our experiences and our adventures, and get some advice along the way.

Cathy and my travel schedule for 2021 is very tentative with uncertainties about pandemic lockdowns and vaccination timelines for seniors in Ontario where we live.

What we do know is that camping is a low risk way to travel,  that Canada will be much safer to travel in the fall of 2021 and we will be free to do interprovincial travel.  So for sure:

  • lots of cottage time at Stoney Lake in Ontario
  • a summer camping trip in our TearDrop to Killarney Provincial Park
  • a early fall camping trip in our TearDrop to Prince Edward Island and the Magdellen Islands in the Gulf on St Lawrence

We plan to use our Hilton Head timeshare in November, 2021.

And we will continue to explore and write about things we like to do in Our Toronto , and adventures around Our Ontario and Our Quebec

We are starting to think about 2022 and 2023 when we are confident that the whole pre-pandemic world will re-open.  A few things we are considering is a freighter cruise through French Polynesia and a Europe river cruise.

Please keep sending your comments, they are great.  Thanks to those who have signed up for e-mail notifications of new blogs, and please share our blogs with your friends.