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Travel with Cathy and Joe is back after a few months pre-occupied with some consulting work and home renovations.  We are active seniors and affordable luxury travelers with a taste for adventure.  

Cathy and my travel schedule for 2021 was very disjointed with uncertainties about Covid pandemic lockdowns and vaccination requirements.  We ended up canceling and postponing a few trips.

What we ended up doing in 2021:

  • lots of cottage time at Stoney Lake in Ontario
  • an August trip to Vancouver and Victoria
  • a September camping trip in our TearDrop to Killarney Provincial Park
  • a December trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and the new active volcano

What we have been doing in 2022:

  • a winter trip to Phoenix and San Diego
  • a spring trip to Hilton Head for some beach and golf time

And coming up for the rest of 2022 and some  arrangements for 2023:

  • September in Scotland 
  • November in French Polynesia
  • Feb/March in Utah – a road trip across the US and Canada from Toronto
  • May in Hilton Head
  • June cruising the Baltic
  • September camping in the Magdellan Islands (Gulf of St Lawrence) in our Tear Drop

We know Canada is a top tourist destination, and so we continue to explore and share things we like to do in Our Toronto , and adventures around Our Ontario and Our Quebec

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