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Cathy and I are active seniors and affordable luxury travelers with a taste for adventure.  travelwithcathyandjoe is where we tell our travel stories from around the globe, including some suggestions to simplify your complex travel.  We are based in Toronto Canada.  We love our city and country, so in addition we talk about things that would be of interest to tourists who are planning to visit us.

Scotland, French Polynesia,  Utah  and Hilton Head have been in the spotlight in our recent blogs plus day trips around Toronto, Ottawa and Stoney Lake.

Upcoming is a winter trip to Chile, Peru, Panama and Aruba.  As well we plan to finally take our camping trip to Prince Edward Island and the Magdellan Islands in Canada.  You will also see more about Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, USA. 

As well, I am going to write a few blogs about setting up our minivan for camping trips, as we have sold our TearDrop trailer that you have seen in our blogs on driving to the Arctic Ocean.

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