Drive thru Ontario Snow Country – Huntsville, Algonquin Park and Ottawa

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Cathy and I just did a five day drive thru Ontario Snow Country.  It’s been a snow free Christmas and New Years in Toronto, which is great for getting out and about.  However it is in our DNA to see the snow at this time of the year, and we were overdue to visit my brothers and sister.

The drive did not disappoint.  It is almost exactly 1000 kilometres, and the route we took was Toronto to Huntsville,  then through Algonquin Provincial Park to Ottawa, and finally back to Toronto.

A few highlights.

  • We were happy to hit significant snow about 100 km north of Toronto.
  • In Huntsville,
    • we ate in a new sushi restaurant Wabori on Main Street that is well worth a visit.
    • with my sister and her dog Hudson, we bush-wacked a snowshoe trail in Mccauley Robertson Ball Park
    • and we got to stay in my sister’s fabulous new home on Fairy Lake and binge watch Lucifer.
  • Going to Ottawa through Algonquin Park
    • we enjoyed the granite cliffs, the snow and the ice formations
    • and we ate excellent Polish food at The Wilno Tavern near Barry’s Bay.  Try the pickled herring and the Polish burger.
  • In Ottawa
    • we stayed at The Lord Elgin Hotel  downtown right by the Rideau Canal for winter skating.  The Lord Elgin is a classic hotel with great service and for the weekend very well priced rooms.  The restaurant / bar is being renovated however this is scheduled to be finished late January.   One hint – the City Hall underground parking lot across the street offers free evening and weekend parking versus $30 per day at the hotel.
    • we ate dinner at an excellent Scottish pub and whiskey bar called Deacon Brodies
    • we hiked with my one brother and his dog Finn through the woods at Hog’s Back Park, checked out the Falls, and then we joined his family for his famous fish dinner
    • we drove out to Carp to visit my other brother and his family.  Lots of fun playing with his grand children.  Carp is famous for its Cold War bomb shelter to house the Canadian government in case of a nuclear war.  It is now open for tours.
  • We drove back on Highway 7 to Tweed and then Highway 401 to Toronto.  This can be a dreary drive, however we now have a new favorite stop at The Tweedsmuir Tavern in Tweed.  Great bean and ham soup, and the best home made burgers.  And you get to listen in on the town gossip from the regulars at the bar.

So all and all, a good trip to Ontario Snow Country.  Here are some pictures.



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  1. Sounds like a great trip. We live in north Simcoe County and often take the drive up Highway 11 and through Algonquin Park. Although special all year long, a winter’s excursion is majestic with newly fallen snow covering the pine trees in a wintery blanket of solitude. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are a kindred spirit. Thanks for the note. We used to live in Renfrew County and in Peterborough County. Nothing like the country for enjoying winter.

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