Happy 1st Birthday – Travel with Cathy and Joe

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Happy 1st birthday ‘Travel with Cathy and Joe’.

Amazingly it’s been 1 year since Cathy and I posted our first blog.   We started by writing about our Arctic Road Trip last summer that ultimately had us posing at the Arctic Ocean sign in Tuk, North West Territories.  We tallied up over 30,000 kilometers on that trip and our subsequent winter  Coast to Coast USA  road trip.  We told stories about what we have done in and around our hometown Toronto, described  Ski Trips, to the Rockies, and  reminisced about  some earlier trips to Galapagos Morocco , Cambodia & Vietnam , and  China .  In all, Cathy and I published 64 blogs.

We have had over 1000 people check out our site ‘Travel with Cathy and Joe’, with thousands of more views in Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.  Amazing stuff.  Very gratifying are folks who have told us they have planned trips to exotic locations because they got curious and inspired after reading something we wrote.  This is exactly what we hoped to do – tell our stories and  encourage seniors to have their own adventures.

RTW Route MapSo what is ahead in our second year.  The big deal is our RTW 70 Project  .  This is our story as a 70 ish year old couple: flying Round the World in 70 days, visiting iconic destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, traveling Business Class to enhance the experience and sharing exotic local adventures.

If you are interested in helping shape this trip and providing some sponsorship, please get in touch.  Our trip will be a unique sponsorship opportunity to promote experiential adventure travel to ‘moneyed’ seniors.

What else?  Over the summer, we will do a few posts from our cottage at Stoney Lake .   In September, we will write about our trip to  Idaho Falls for a high school reunion and then Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park.  For sure, we will do a few more posts about our short trips in and around Toronto.  And we will fill in the gaps with some stories about some previous trips – to Kenya, Egypt, Argentina and Chile.

It is fun to share our adventures.  Thanks, Cathy and Joe

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  1. Happy birthday!
    I am, like many others, looking forward to sharing your adventures during the upcoming year.

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