Travel and Tech collide at Collision in Toronto

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20190522_084918This week I witnessed Travel and Technology colliding at Collision 2019.   Twenty five thousand of the brightest technology people from around the world gathered in Toronto.  I was there because  our start-up smart energy management company  CoEng Advisors was invited to showcase our robo energy advisor REA   This afforded a great opportunity to see that we are leaders in our part of CleanTech, and in addition to see how the Travel sector is being reinvented.

If you have followed our blog before, you know that Cathy and I are always planning our next trip.  What I saw at Collision was new digital travel marketplaces and services that will greatly help people like us, who want to get to destinations and have rich experiences when we are there.

So a call out to some of our fellow Alpha and Beta companies with intriguing new services in TravelTech.  Please know that we have not yet used any of these companies’ services.

To help manage jet lag,    Timeshifter.

For short mystery trips, Pack Up + Go

For anglers, UGONNAFISH

For earth friendly travel, Wayaj

To bike ride like a local, anywhere, Veloglide

For local activities and experiences, Hijinks

For smart suggestions of destinations and activities based on your social media profile, Flash Tryp




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