I can’t believe it is one week to Ride Day.  200 kilometres over Saturday and Sunday from Toronto to Niagara Falls with Team Ambys in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.   I received my race kit with official bike shirt and tags this week.  I am at 113% of my donation goal (thank you, thank you) and our team is well over the team goal of $80,000.  So a couple of light road rides this week, and a bit of mountain biking at Stoney Lake.

Training on the beach at Hilton Head

Cathy and I spent some time at Hilton Head.  Here are some shots of me training at the beach.  My beach bike is single speed, old style reverse pedal brakes, fat tires and a convenient beer  basket on the handlebars.    The beach here is miles long, wide, and hard sand.  The greatest challenge is the stiff winds off the ocean.

60 kilometre training ride

Since my last post, I have enjoyed riding the Waterfront Trail along the Toronto waterfront.  However it is quite flat and on dedicated bike lanes.  To get more of an idea of race conditions, I join team mates for an approx 60 kilometre ride through the hills between Newmarket and Goodwood north of Toronto.  Our midway reward is a break at Anninas Bakeshop  in Goodwood.  I love the butter tarts.

Any final donations to support cancer research

I would ask any new donors to direct their donation to Milenko Varjacic,  He is family and we are team mates.  He has inspired me to do this Ride and he is going to coax me across the finish line.  So yes, please donate to Milenko Varjacic and let’s help him achieve his fund raising goal.  Please go to ride2conquer.ca/ ,choose Donate, then Individual and then Milenko Varjacic.  This will ensure that your donation is credited to his goal.  Thank you.

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