I  Ride to Conquer Cancer.  A lot to be proud of, and an epic experience for me.  A big thank you to the many folks who have supported me in so many ways.

The big picture is amazing.  3500+ bike riders raise $17+ million for cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.   600+ volunteers keep us safe on the roads, feed us and provide bike repair, medical services, logistics and security.

I am proud to say that my team of 18,  Amby’s Aces, raises over $120,000 for the cause.  Awesome.

So here are a few pictures from fresh at the start line through to elation at the finish line.

Start Line

I am fresh and excited.  I have no idea what is in front of me.  Great to see so many positive comments  given to me as an old guy (only 40 or so over 70 year olds amongst so many riders) and as a cancer survivor.  I have no idea that my smart watch will tell me that I shoud be consuming over 6000 calories each day of the ride.  I keep reminding myself to pace, not race, and to hydrate and eat continually.

Day 1  – 100 kilomtres from Toronto to Hamilton

Toronto, Mississauga and Halton police are out in  force to get us through their cities.  And thanks to the thousands of car drivers who accepted our interruption to their day plans and stayed cool.  We overnight at MacMaster University in Hamilton.  I get a dorm room.  Many  camp in tents.  That is impressive.  Not in the cards for me, ever….

Day 2 – 123 kilometres from Hamilton to Niagara Falls

This most amazing rider is a 91 year old and blind man riding on a tandem bike.  A great inspiration to get us through this day.  We are on the road by 7am and ride through sun and rain.  My daughter’s partner Mickey and our friend Justin stick with me all Sunday and coax me to the finish line.  A big thankyou to both.


The Finish Line

Cathy, our grandson Noah and our daughter Allison are amongst many who cheer us on at the finish line.  We keep being reminded its not a race, rather a ride.  However I will say that we regroup 2 kilometres from the Finish, and cross the Finish Line in style.





So its Monday and my butt is sore,  However otherwise pretty good.

Again, thank you for your support.   This has been epic and I hope you have enjoyed the journey to the Ride from my previous blogs.



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  1. Congratulations on the epic ride Joe. What a great cause and so good of you to lend your support.

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