Shout out to you generous donors to my Ride to Conquer Cancer

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A shout out to all of you generous donors.  I am now at 105% of my fund raising goal of $2500 for my Ride to Conquer Cancer.  Amazing.  Thank you.  Your donations are directed to advance strategic cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital and as a cancer survivor, I know personally how they will make a difference.

I would ask any new donors to direct their donation to Milenko Varjacic,  He is family and we are team mates.  He has inspired me to do this Ride and he is going to coax me across the finish line.  So yes, please donate to Milenko Varjacic and let’s help him achieve his fund raising goal.  Please go to ,choose Donate, then Individual and then Milenko Varjacic.  This will ensure that your donation is credited to his goal, and in addition, to our team Amby’s International Aces goal of $80,000.

Just a quick update.

My training continues to plan.  I still need to buy a bike, and so I am using a stationary bike at the fitness center here in St George Utah.  Its fun to try the differenct programs.  Yesterday I biked Maui including the Road to Hanna and the Climb to Haleakala (a 10000 foot ascent).  I was still walking after this so all is good in my progressive training.


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