Prep’ing for my Ride to Conquer Cancer

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In June, I am riding 200 km from Toronto to Niagara Falls.  More about the why and what  at my Ride . So I have starting preparing, and for me, prep’ing means three things. Buying a bike, training, and raising donations.  So how is this all going.

Buying a Bike

I own an older mountain bike that I use on the rough ATV / Snowmobile trails around Stoney Lake.  And I use a beach bike in Hilton Head.  Great reliable bikes but not the bike for a 200 km road ride.  Looking around, I am amazed at the variations – road bikes, gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes,  mountain bikes – and new bike price ranges from $1000 to $20,000.  I am leaning to a three to five year old,  used gravel bike with 58 frame, disc brakes and straight handle bars for under $1000.

Right now Cathy and I are in St George Utah, and this is a biking mecca.  So I am looking at Facebook Marketplace and other local marketplaces.  I might be lucky and get a good bike and a good deal here.  One way or the other, I need to get a bike by mid April for my final two months of training.  If any of you  have a bike to sell, please contact me.


I am riding a stationary bike several days a week and slowly adding distance and resistance.  In addition, I am running  and doing weights.  I am trying to be consistent and patient, and doing a slow fitness build, recovering from too much sedentary time over the last 3 years due to COVID and some intense consulting contracts.  For guidance and inspiration, I am using The Triathlete’s Training Bible, author Joe Friel.  So far so good.



In April, training will change.  As a rider in the 18 strong Amby’s International Aces, I will do a few 50 km weekend team rides.  I expect to do a lot more  rides along the Toronto Waterfront Trail between The Beach and the Humber River.   And when at our cottage, riding the loop around Stoney Lake and mixing things up with mountain bike rides on the local ATV / snowmobile trails.  And of course, some carb loading along the way.


Raising Donations

There is no two ways about it. Raising donations is hard work. The cause is worthy – to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime, and the recipient of donations is the Princess Margaret Hospital for their strategic cancer research.
Thank you to those who have donated,  You have been amazing.  I am at 80% of my goal of $2500.  If this cause fits in your ‘givings’ plan, I would appreciate your support to help me get across the finish line.
Please go to ,choose Donate, then Individual and then Joe Molnar.  This will ensure that your donation is credited to my goal, and in addition, to my team Amby’s International Aces goal of $80,000.

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