Recently we spent an afternoon at  Little Canada   in our hometown of Toronto.  All of us – our grandson, our son, Cathy and I – give it 5 stars.  Little Canada is a permanent installation located at the northeast corner of Dundas and Yonge Streets.  Current models include Toronto, the Golden Horsehoe including Niagara Falls and Hamilton, Quebec City and Montreal.  Additional models are under construction.  We liked the sense of fun in the models.  Try to find the polar bears pushing one of the canoes across the ice flows of the St Lawrence River during the big  ice canoe race at Quebec Winter Carnival.  Clue – look for the paddlers not in the canoe but rather standing on a big chunk of ice.

There is also a good behind-the-scene vib.  The staff are passionate about their work.  We talked to the mission controllers and the model makers about the automation, the sensors and the 3-d printing of the miniatures.

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