Ski Revelstoke, Canadian Rockies

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IMG_20190124_114239_298Yesterday we drove over from Banff to ski Revelstoke.  It was a nice winter day and we had time, so we took the long route down to Radium Hot Springs and then back up to Golden on the TransCanada Highway.  The only nasty driving was across Rogers Pass.  A good chance for us to really appreciate our Jeep Wrangler.   If you like good coffee and fresh baking, try out the Big Horn Cafe in Radium Hot Springs.   One surprise is to find that the Hot Springs are only open in the afternoon and evening, and of course we were there in the morning.

Revelstoke Ski Resort

Revelstoke is a dramatic place to ski.  Most vertical in North America.  No line-ups.  Temperatures right at freezing for our two days.  Plus Australia Day fun, lunch at the Outpost at the top of the gondola,  amazing views, and  watching avalanche rescue training.  In case you read our Ski Banff blog and wonder about wolverines,  there is no evidence of them being part of this rescue team.


Hockey Night in Revelstoke

20190125_195236Its Friday night so we did what everyone in town does and we went to see the Revelstoke Grizzlies play.  They are a good hockey team and tonight beat Kamloops 5 to 2.   This was a good reminder that community backed hockey is at the core of our national game.





Background: 11 day ski trip in Canadian Rockies

2019 Canada Rockies Ski MapOur 11 day ski trip takes my brother and I on a 1000 km drive from Calgary across the Rockies to Vancouver.  Along the way, we stay and ski in Banff / Lake Louise, Alberta, in Revelstoke, British Columbia and in Whistler, British Columbia.  This is bucket list stuff for us senior skiers.

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