Toronto’s St Lawrence Market – #1 Food Market in the World

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20181221_160724The St Lawrence Market  is the go-to-place in Trawna (sound like a local and use this slang) for the best meat, seafood, vegetables, sweets and savories.  It’s a special place rated the world’s number 1 food market by National Geographic.

The St Lawrence Market is right around the corner from our home.  Its where we shopped for Christmas Eve’s roast beef dinner.

Time your visit around lunch.  There are lots of food stalls in the food hall, and some nice patio restaurants near by.  Be aware that The St Lawrence Market is typically closed Sundays and Mondays,  however there is a flea market in the large tent to the south of The Market on Sundays.

Have fun.  And try out these other local spots in Our Toronto

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