Stoney to Pancake Bay

Everything is packed, and our first destination is Pancake Bay on Lake Superior.    Almost 800 KM, and at least 10 construction slowdowns which got really tedious.  Almost scored some fresh pickerel for dinner from an Indian reservation, however no-one could find the key to the cold locker.  So gourmet wieners and beans was the order of the day.  The Pancake Bay Provincial Park has an awesome 1 mile beach with hard sand great for walking.    Its about 9:15 pm as I write this, and the sun is just setting.  And all of a sudden the mosquitos are everywhere, so I am shutting down.  Sand Beach Pancake Bay

Hint:  Campsites in the range of #230 to 240 have an open view to the beach and the lake.   Downside is no power at these campsites, so we are running off our solar powered battery tonight.


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward next week to hearing more about your big adventure.
    Steve and Alida

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