Interesting eateries in Vancouver and Victoria

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Here are some suggestions for interesting eateries from our recent trip to North Vancouver and Victoria. These folks take their food seriously and all of our recommendations are top notch.

In North Vancouver, try the popularwith the locals Eighties Restaurant for breakfast. We had some very good classic eggs, bacon and home fries. For a Saturday night dinner in the middle of the action at the ferry docks, go to Joey Shipyards. This is a big bustling place with excellent service and food. Reservations are a good idea, however in our case and for our group of 6, we put our name on the walk-in list, and then had a beer and listened to an excellent band at the outdoor pavilion by the restaurant. We were seated in less than 1 hour in a very group friendly booth. A good lunch spot is the Stanley Park Brewing. We got takeout and watched some tennis at the courts adjoining the restaurant. There are some big trees here.

In Victoria, Cathy and I had lunch at the Beacon Drive In, a neigbourhood place that later we found out to be the most popular ice cream place in the city. One evening we wanted to have some local oysters on the half shell and Ferris was recommended specifically for their happy hour oyster deal. We liked their oysters and and also some excellent seafood pasta and grilled fish.

These were all good eateries, however our highlight was an afternoon walking and food tour organized by . We stopped in 8 small and out of the way places away from the tourist zone with our visit to the English butcher being my favourite.

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