Iceland in December 2021, and in the mean time…

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Iceland in December 2021 is now booked, to celebrate Cathy’s birthday and see the Northern Lights and the active Hekla Volcano (picture credit to WIRED). And in the meantime….

  • we got our first Covid vaccine shots with the second scheduled in July
  • we booked a couple of campsites at Killarney Park in September and will be camping with family
  • we completed booking two weeks at Hilton Head in October for some golf and beach time
  • we have made some hopefully educated bets on what will open up as more folks are vaccinated
  • and we have snuck in some interesting local Toronto – area day trips just before our third ‘stay at home’ emergency lockdown here in Ontario was declared two days ago

So here are some good day trips . Enjoy.

Niagara Falls after fueling up on Fish and Chips at Hutch’s in Hamilton (Steel Town)

Hike Eastside Park in Port Union

Visit Mountsberg Park with grandson

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  1. What fun to “spread your wings” with Noah. We are opening up quickly after very strict lock downs. I was able to get together with high school friends and am looking forward to a lunch on the bay the first week of May.

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