This past week, Cathy and I joined our daughter and her dog for a few days of fall camping at the Cypress Lake Campground in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, This Park is at the northern tip of the Peninsula where Georgian Bay connects with Lake Huron and is renowned for the rugged shoreline, ship wrecks and crystal clear water. I took these photos at The Grotto, a must-see that is an easy walk-in from the Campground.

After some warm weather the previous week, the weather turned and we camped in generally wet and cold conditions. Our Tear Drop Trailer kept us high and dry and is a must for us seniors when fall camping. The Cypress Lake Campground is under pandemic protocols so for example, only every second campsite is used and showers are unavailable. Otherwise we found everything up and running at the high quality level of our National Parks.

You need to plan some hikes. We took a route less traveled around Cypress Lake and over to the Grotto on Georgian Bay. This trail is flat with some boggy sections covered with slippery old boardwalks, lots of exposed cedar and balsam roots and some rock. Along the way we crossed sections of the Bruce Trail as it winds it’s last few kilometres north to the tip of the Pennisula.

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