Saturday morning kids’ hockey

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Cathy and I had a great time seeing our 6 year old grandson playing hockey this Saturday morning. We were at the Village of Carlisle old-school community rink just like I played in as a kid at the Dixie Arena in Mississauga and our son played at the Streetsville Arena.  Lots of parents and grandparents have their Tim Horton’s coffee and of course we have our hot chocolate from the arena snack stand.   We treasure being part of this very Canadian scene.   And of course this was all happening in a big snow storm.  Gotta love it.

2 Replies to “Saturday morning kids’ hockey”

  1. Brrr ! Looks like a lot of fun to watch. I think we may have one ice skating rink in San Diego. It was actually purchased by the 20-something guy who ran the Zamboni machine and then won one of the top seven lottery jackpots ever and bought the rink so that kids would be able to continue skating in San Diego.

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