Planning our Round the World Trip

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Planning our Round the World Trip is hard work.  However the trip is starting to take shape in our minds, if not on paper.  Spend about 10 weeks circumnavigating the Southern Hemisphere.  Leave in mid January 2020.  Travel by air between continents and cities.  Go in style with business class RTW tickets from one of the airline alliances.   Add some adventure at each destination, such as hiking ‘The Great Walks’ in New Zealand, and cruising through French Polynesia on a freighter.

Over the next few months, we are going to settle on our route.  What is currently on the wish list is Toronto –> French Polynesia –> New Zealand –> East Australia –> West Australia –> South Africa –> Brazil –> Toronto.  These are all brand new countries for us.

We know many of you have traveled extensively.  Please share  with us your recommendations for great 5 to 10 day adventures and  your ‘must-see’ destinations.

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  1. You wouldn’t miss Uluru in the middle of The Olgas in Oz, nor maybe King’s Canyon.
    RSA Kango Caves is worth a visit and ride an ostrich bareback. Kruger NP is amazing- we humans get caged in for the night.
    In Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Ouoro Preto, Brazilia and Manaus are worth exploring. These have changed for sure from when I was there 40 to 30 to 20 yrs ago, but still alive in my memories.
    Nazca lines where stunning and bewildering, (my spell checker entered Mazda).
    Have fun planning, and stay excited during the whole voyage.

    1. Thanks for note. Actually we are planning 10 weeks, so a week or two in each stop along the way is the plan. Fun for us is some adventure combined with local culture. Ideas?

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