You have to love the signs of China.  Here are some more perfect signs!

Background – China / Macau / Hong Kong Tour –

picture china tripCathy and I traveled for 23 days.  The first half of the trip was from Beijing to Shanghai with time spent in central China.  Then we  cruised up the Yangtze River, and traveled back to the coast for a final few days in Macau and Hong Kong.

Our Tour Logistics –

Our tour company was Sinorama based in Toronto.  I see that Sinorama  closed down as of August 2018, which is too bad because we experienced a great tour at a very low price.   We traveled as a group of 36 seniors.  Many of us attended a preview course about China offered by Ryerson University’s  Life Institute .  Our tour package included all meals, 5 star hotels throughout, all international and domestic air, rail, ferry and bus travel, daily activities and events, and an excellent guide. Besides the low price, we would recommend this type of tour because China is not an easy place to be private tourists due to language and distances, and just a few confusing signs.

To get to China, we took a direct  Air Canada   flight from Toronto to Beijing.  For our return, we flew direct Air Canada from Hong Kong to Toronto.

China Blog Series –

This is the first of four blogs.  Upcoming blogs will be about our trip highlights, our cruise on the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges, and our time in Macau / Hong Kong.

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