To drive from Dawson City, Yukon to Dawson Creek, British Columbia, we are following the Klondike Highway and the Alaska Highway through the south Yukon and the north east interior of British Columbia.   We have always wondered who buys all those big RV buses that you see at RV sales centers across the country.  Now we know as we have passed caravans of them heading north to buy T-shirts that say ‘I survived the Alaska Highway’.

Our highlights seem rather eclectic after our trek to Tuk:

  • After 4 carwashes in Dawson City and Whitehorse crawling under the car and trailer with the jet hose to get the mud off the interior of the rims, we finally could go at 90 kph without bouncing down the road.
  • We added our Stoney Lake, Ontario sign to the sign forest at Watson Lake, Yukon. From a humble beginning of an American soldier who was working on the Alaska Highway and put up his hometown sign, the forest is now 55,000 plus one sign.  It includes the largest public display of stolen municipal signs in the world.

  • We watched the wood bison herd graze at the side of Alaska Highway. 25 bison were introduced about 20 years ago, and now there are 400.   And we saw our first mountain goat, and a mother elk with her new born.
  • Cathy and I took a dip in the Laird River Hot Springs. IMG_2773This is a ‘must’ and comes as a perk when you stay in the Provincial Campground.   Site 36 is nice and private.
  • Cathy worked diligently on completing our Dempster Highway Passport (stamped at 10 sites) and our Yukon Passport (stamped at 20 sites) and we will find out in September whether we won the ounce of gold or the NWT diamond. To get all the necessary stamps without back tracking, ask for your Yukon Passport at the very first visitor center that you encounter.  And get your Dempster Highway Passport at the Dempster Highway Visitor Center in Dawson City.
  • The weather is warm and sunny!! All is good in the world of camping.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your chronicles. I know once you’re home, I’m going to miss “my very affordable armchair luxury adventures”. Safe travels.

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