Cathy and I have just completed two  hikes in St George, Utah, both of which we see as good starter hikes as we acclimatize to the altitude and the rough terrain.   We spend 2 to 3 hours on each, so water and a snack are a good idea.  The first half of each hike is a climb of 350 to 400 feet, and then a similar downhill for the second half.  Our devices say about 9000 to 10000 steps for each hike, so that meets our daily quota of exercise.  Both are accessible from free starting points so that is a bonus.  So no park fees so far.

What’s different between the two hikes?  The Paradise Canyon Rim Trail has more rock scrambling and is busier with mountain bikes.  There is a cool arch at the mid way point.  There are some dramatic rock formations that you can see in the pictures.  The Anasazi Valley Trail similarly follows a valley rim, however looks down on the Santa Clara River and has many excellent petroglyphs within easy climbing distance in the rocks.

Here are some pics.  Cathy and I just keep telling ourselving what a great way to start our 6 weeks in Southern Utah.

Paradise Canyon Rim Trail

Anasazi Valley Trail

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