Petroglyphs in St George, Utah

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The Petroglyphs in  St George, Utah are a hidden surprise. Cathy and I are here in St George  hosted by Cathy’s brother and his wife..  St George is a couple of hours north of Las Vegas and sits in the Virgin River Valley.  It is mild enough to have palm trees, great year-round golf, and excellent local hiking and biking.  We come here almost every year.  What is different this year is that there has been a lot of rain over the winter, and the desert is blooming.  We are on our 6 week Coast to Coast USA driving trip.

Hike into Petroglyphs in Snow Canyon

20190407_152648 Snow Canyon State Park  is on the north side of St George and is one of our favourite hiking spots.  This hike to see the petroglyphs is not well known, and we saw only 5 people over a span of 2 hours.  Access to this trail is from the east side of the Park.  It is about a 2 mile hike on the Gila Trail into the Petroglyphs.   The trail varies between sand, flat rock and petrified sand dunes.  The petroglyphs are well hidden in a narrow slot in the rocks. Going in felt very Indiana Jones.


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