And then we saw a grizzly bear, twice.

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As the saying goes ‘A hard day on a mountain is better than a good day at the office’ and that’s before we saw our grizzly twice, and not the one with me in the red chair.  So that completes five of the big seven – wolf, elk, moose, mountain sheep and grizzly.  Still no cougar (aka mountain lion, puma) nor wolverine.

For us, best of Banff has been the Johnston Canyon hike, the Lake Louise hike almost to the Tea House until blocked by a 20 meter high snow drift, Lake Moraine which is on our $20 bill,  the Banff gondola and walk to the cosmic ray monitoring station, the Hot Springs and several excellent patios.   And of course, welcoming the Rocky Mountaineer.


A couple of tips.  To get away from the maddening crowds, have a drink at the Chateau Lake Louise bar   And note that Highway 1A (The Bow River Parkway) is closed at Baker Creek probably through August so you cannot take it from Banff to Lake Louise.  However if you happen not to see the rather obscure closure sign, then I can vouch for the Americano at the Baker Creek Bistro.

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